entrega album

You can choose from different options:

Photo report without album – Delivery of pendrive with high resolution file touch up, without watermarks. (Approximately 1200 to 1500 photographs)

Photo report with album – As well as the pendrive with the files, you can choose from albums of different sizes:

  • Medium size – album (24 × 30 cm) with 25 pages and approximately 120 photographs.
  • Large size – album (40 × 30 cm) with 32 pages and approximately 320 photographs.
  • Pack of 3 albums with the same layout – 1 album (40 × 30) + 2 albums (24 × 30).

Album layouts are fully personalised and you can choose from a wide range of textures and colours so that the finish of the covers is in complete consonance with the aesthetic of your wedding.

In all the options, as well as the pendrive with all the files, I will send you online a collection with a vintage touch in black and white of 150 photographs so that you can enjoy the images of the wedding within less than one month of the wedding.



entrega albums familiars

With all sessions, I deliver a DVD with high resolution file touch up and you can also choose from several finishes:
• Digital albums of different sizes with fun layout and minimalist design
• Copies (15 × 22) in folder with Scrap design from TINTATE
• First communion cards
• Poster frames with different finishes, such as canvas and Laminamarc® frameless and/or glassless

And if you want to give a gift of a session, I also have gift cards with Scrap design TINTATE